Toastmaster Meeting FAQ

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What is Toastmasters all about?

Toastmasters is a fun and enjoyable way to improve your public speaking, communication and leadership skills in a positive, supportive environment. A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.

What should I expect from an PSS Toastmasters meeting

  • The meeting starts at 8.00 pm sharp and ends at 10.00 pm.
  • Please arrive by 7.45 pm, this gives you ample time to sign-in, meet some members and ask any questions you may have
  • The first half of the meeting is dedicated to Speech Presentations. Three of our members will make pre-prepared speeches. After each there is an opportunity for feedback which is provided by from fellow members via a feedback from.
  • There is then a fifteen minute break for refreshments
  • The second half of the meeting kicks off with Table Topics, a fun opportunity to practice your off-the-cuff speaking
  • A speech evaluation session then follows on, where constructive, honest and positive feedback will be provided by from a fellow member.
  • The session ends at 10.00 pm and everyone is welcome to join us at the bar afterwards for a chat.

Can anyone attend a Toastmasters meeting?

Absolutely! If you are over 18 and would like to improve upon your public or professional speaking skills, or even leadership, then  Innisfree Toastmasters is perfect for you. Participation in our meetings is completely voluntary, indeed many of our members simply come along to the meetings to enjoy the entertaining and social atmosphere.

I am new, am I expected to speak during the meeting?

Not at all, the aim of PSS Toastmasters is to make all of its guests feel comfortable and enjoy the relaxing friendly atmosphere, and become engrossed by our speeches. However, if you feel like speaking, the Table Topics element will give you an opportunity to participate. Remember, this is entirely voluntary and you will never be approached without prior consent.

Does PSS Toastmasters have a dress code?

In short no, we do not have a dress code. However, it is recommended that members and guests wear smart semi-formal clothing. You will also find that most of our members will put the effort in and dress up to make a presentation.  In many cases, a professional look goes a long way to help with confidence and can help rather than deter a presentation. But again it is completely at your discretion.

How does Toastmasters work?

Like all Toastmasters clubs, PSS Toastmasters club is a not-for-profit organisation. The club will give members the opportunity to speak in front of a friendly and encouraging audience. The aim is to improve your self-esteem and confidence through public speaking.

Each speech will be evaluated. Firstly, every member will be asked to write down a brief appraisal of your speech once you have completed it. Secondly, your speech will be evaluated during the second half of the meeting by a fellow member. The purpose of these evaluations is to help you improve upon your skills and encourage further participation. Honestly, if you have put a lot of work into making a speech, you will receive a huge boost hearing someone else evaluating your speech in a positive way.

How often are our meetings?

PSS Toastmasters meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month from September to early June.  The Meetings starts promptly at 20:00 and ends at 22:00. To ensure the smooth running of the meeting, members and guests are encouraged to attend the meeting at least fifteen minutes before the meeting commences. This will give you plenty of time to sign in, meet and greet and ask any questions you may have.

How can PSS Toastmasters benefit me?

People come to PSS Toastmasters for a number of reasons. This ranges from improving work related presentations to making a beast man speech at a wedding. To put it simply, you will find that becoming a member of Innisfree Toastmasters will do a lot for your self-esteem and raise you up with confidence. Our club members are very friendly and will always encourage you to push yourself further. Speaking out loud to an audience will help you in more ways than you might think. Leadership is one of the main traits many of our longer serving members has said it has given them.

Can I join PSS Toastmasters as a member?

Yes, you can join Toastmasters! We would encourage that you firstly come along as a guest for one or two of our meetings. The refreshment break (and after meeting gathering in the bar) should give you a chance to talk to current members as well as our committee members including the club president, where membership can be discussed in greater detail. Annual membership is €90 and this can be paid in cash, by cheque made payable to the club or by monthly standing order (€7.50 per month).  There is also a charge of €6 per meeting to help pay towards the cost of booking the room and the provision of refreshments during the break.

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