An Introduction

Welcome to Public Speakers Sligo Club

Do you have a fear of speaking in public (Glossophobia) ?

Do you want to overcome that fear!

Then you will find that Public Speakers Sligo

will be just the solution for you.

Most people have a fear of speaking in public, and do absolutely nothing about it.

Public Speakers Sligo offers you a chance to step up and face that fear.  Almost everyone here at Public Speakers Sligo once had that same a fear. We have overcome it and are at different stages on the journey, thanks to the supportive friendly and social environment here at the club.

Public Speakers Sligo is an organisation dedicated to improving people’s public speaking skills and dispelling those nerves everyone experiences as a public speaker.


Benefits of joining Public Speakers Sligo Club:

Here is a selection of what our members answered when they were asked why they joined our club:

  • Gaining self-confidence and learning useful communication skills

  • Discovering unexpected talents for public speaking and leadership

  • Enjoying live entertainment and listening to a variety of speakers

  • Sharing knowledge, opinions and stories on a wide range of subjects

  • Following a structured learning programme at your own pace

  • Benefiting from a supportive and positive learning environment

  • Getting to know a friendly group of people from all walks of life

  • Losing my fear of public speaking and finding it can be fun

  • Becoming a better listener and feeling confident to exchange constructive feedback

  • Learning useful leadership skills and putting them into practice

  • Watching, supporting and mentoring others becoming successful

  • Having fun in a lively atmosphere on Wednesday evenings at the Sligo Park Hotel